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Attention: Registering your trademark in China for sale
For any foreign entrants who would like to invest in China for sale, it is strongly advised to take steps as early as possible to register your trademark in China. Trademark is one of your important intellectual property rights (IPR); the best way of protecting it is to register it so that it can be covered by Chinese law (initially for 10 years, but this is renewable).
Western media often describe China as an IPR-lawless and counterfeiting-rampant outland. Though IPR theft happens frequently in China, many foreign companies win intellectual property cases by coming to local courts. China government is taking IPR issues more and more seriously. Laws and regulations regarding IPR are modified and new rules keep coming to the table, the enforcement of which also becomes increasingly effective and timely.
Failure to create and register a Chinese version of your trademark opens up the chance that someone else in China could ever register your trademark as their own, forcing you to buy it back.
You should register both an English and Chinese translation of your trademark, logos and domain names with China's Trademark Office. Trademark applications can cover words, designs, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and color mixtures, as well as combinations of these elements. If you don't have a physical presence in China, you may register your marks through a local agency.
To register your trademark is the first step to protect it. For further counsel with your mark or other IPR issues in China for sale later, JyS, a local commercial service company, can give you support on the ground.
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