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china consumer research
Are you truly aware of Chinese consumers?
Do some homework to understand well Chinese consumers, if you desire to sell your products in China successfully. Sometimes China consumer research through a professional agency is required for the sake of right business planning. This article is mainly talking about some general awareness of common Chinese.
Some results from China consumer research tells you that the Chinese have much higher saving rates than Westerners, due to the necessity arising from uncertainly of future and the influence of traditional value. Further, you've probably heard that Chinese are more price-sensitive. To some extent, it is true. However, if you prove that you can provide excellent products with supplementary services at a reasonable price. Chinese will stick to you.
It is worth mentioning that the Chinese ever-enlarging middle class is becoming a big engine of consumption. The middle class' passion for Western brands is never more eager. Nowadays, China's big cities are flooded with modern buildings, luxury brands, Western restaurants and bars, etc.
The 'Little Emperor' phenomenon also exits a big market- China's one child policy means children have a strong influence over household purchasing. As a matter of fact, more and more foreign products and services are appealing to these younger Chinese. Thanks to China's economic boom and internationalization, 'Little Emperor' also has much more money and would rather spend than save.
The last but not the least, communicating to China consumers is obviously in Chinese, the Mandarin. You will also need to consider adapting your packaging to suit the requirements, tastes and budgets of regional Chinese consumers.
For better insight of your target consumers in China, a tailor-made China consumer research is necessary for you. JyS China, a research service agency, is skilled in consumer insight. Moreover, JyS can also do all following-ups for you such as business planning and marketing operation.

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