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Starting business China
10 essential legal issues before starting business in China
Before starting business in China, you should get to know Chinese rules and regulations that cover your business. Below, JyS sums up 10 basic legal issues that clients are concerned of most often, according to our experience.
     1.  Clarify your industry category in China

     2.  Identify the laws, regulations and rules governing the industry category

     3.  Confirm one certain place or city where initially starting your business in China;
          different regions may offer some special treaties for foreign investors

     4.  Understand what corporate structures are allowed

     5.  Explore the encouragements and restrictions on investing parties

     6.  Be aware of the minimum capital requirement

     7.  Be familiar with your potential tax liabilities and explore the legitimate mechanisms
          to reduce tax liabilities.

     8.  Access government incentives like tax exemption and reduction

     9.  Protect Intellectual Property Rights by registration for starting business China

    10. Last but not least, draft dispute resolution clause in contract, which would help
          investors exit their investment effect ively
If you are considering of starting your business China, JyS is a quick access to your target market. As a professional business and investment service company, JyS can not only provide consultancy on local policies and regulations that you are concerned about, but investment operation as well to streamline the application and approval process.
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